Sustainable Reston at Mini-Maker Faire, Sunday March 16th

NoVA Mini-Maker Faire postcard - halfsize

We will be in the “Sustainability Village” from 11 to 4 pm in the Langston Hughes Middle School Cafeteria – across the tennis courts from South Lakes High School. There will be over 200 makers – see the faire website at for info.  We will be setting up Saturday afternoon at Langston Hughes from Noon to 5 pm – if you are a member of Sustainable Reston or the Northern Virginia DIY Renewable Energy Meet-Up you are welcome to come help us with the set-up!   Our tables: 1) home food preservation, 2) solar cooking and dehydration – if enough sun, 3) alternative energy gadgets, 4) Fairfax County Office of Emergency Preparedness, 5) solar generators, 6) light bulbs and home energy conservation, 7) LEAP – Local Energy Alliance Program – “make less energy”, 8)  kids’ activity – make a flashlight with copper pennies, zinc washers, vinegar soaked pads, and holiday or led lights, and, 9) kids gardening and seed planting.  Plus – help (Karen) figure out how to make a vertical wind turbine with items found around the home and local stores!

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Middle School STEAM Teacher - electronics, breadboarding, Arduino, LittleBits Smart Home and Synthesizer. Summer students built crystal radios. Energy Conservation Light - Emergency Energy Show. NOVA MiniMaker Faire. Taught high school physics.

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